We offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION INITIAL CONSULTATIONS at your convenience for all new clients. During the initial meeting we will thoroughly explain the bankruptcy process and what you can expect before, during and after the bankruptcy is finished. We offer convenient hours to meet with you and can meet with you evenings. We are conveniently located in Brightwaters (next to Bay Shore in Suffolk County). Our office address is 256 Orinoco Drive, Suite C, Brightwaters NY 11718.


Stop those annoying phone calls from debt collectors at home and at work. The moment your bankruptcy is filed your creditors legally cannot contact you any longer. You can rest easy knowing you can answer your phone again and not be harassed. The Brooke Law Firm will stop any wage garnishment, unfreeze your bank accounts, remove liens on your house, respond to lawsuits, stop a foreclosure and in some cases eliminate a second mortgage.


The only person you will deal with is an experienced bankruptcy attorney from start to finish. My office also has a policy of returning phone calls or e-mails within one business day or in most cases the same day. I won't keep you waiting in suspense to have your questions answered. I understand this is a troubling time in you life and I will do everything I can to ease your mind and help you get a clean slate and 'fresh start' to your financial future.


You will also start rebuilding your credit almost immediately by taking certain steps after filing for bankruptcy. The Brooke Law Firm will advise you on ways to rebuild your credit. One of the best ways to rebuild credit is to pay your existing bills on time and even open new lines of credit so you have positive reporting on your credit report. Give yourself a little peace of mind today.

Why have to deal with a big mill law firm where you get pushed off on paralegals after the initial meeting? Call me today at (631) 397-0042 to work with experienced attorney John Brooke from start to finish. He's your only point of contact from answering your questions, preparing your paperwork and all follow up that's required. 



What Can Bankruptcy Do for Me?

While the word "bankruptcy" tends to scare people away, bankruptcy is a completely legal and honorable way for financially struggling Americans to start fresh towards a financially sound future. If mounting debt and constant harassing collection efforts have caused you to feel overwhelmed, our highly knowledgeable attorneys can examine your situation and guide you towards a legal solution that best fits your individual needs.

Filing for bankruptcy can help:
  •    Cease all collection efforts
  •     Reduce or eliminate your outstanding debts
  •     Reorganize your finances
  •     Avoid losing your home
  •     Restore your credit

Individual Attention to Each Person:

In every single case, we work with our clients on an individual basis. The first step we take is a full review of your financial situation so we can take action to get you the maximum in debt relief. In many cases, filing for Chapter 7 is the best option, as this allows for the discharge of unsecured consumer debt. Once the debts are discharged, the debts are gone – forever.

Filing for bankruptcy allows a debtor to start fresh with a clean financial slate, and our firm wants to help you achieve exactly that. While the bankruptcy process can be complicated, we are prepared to walk with you every step of the way until your case has been successfully resolved. Our bankruptcy attorney on Long Island has helped 1,000s of people achieve a favorable outcome –let us do the same for you.

No matter what your situation is, we can find a solution that will be in your best interests. Call us today for the trusted legal help you deserve. 


If you're overwhelmed with debt or behind on your mortgage call The Brooke Law Firm today at (631) 397-0042 to find out your options to get back on track and become debt free. If you have financial problems due to job loss, medical illness, divorce, foreclosure or just want to know what are your options to become debt free, call The Brooke Law Firm today. When you call The Brooke Law Firm you'll work with a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable attorney from start to finish.

The Brooke Law Firm is centrally located in Suffolk County just west of Bay Shore in the Village of Brightwaters. We are conveniently located close to many major roadways including Sunrise Highway, Southern State Parkway and Sagtikos Parkway.

Get Out of Debt Today and Get a Fresh Start

The Brooke Law Firm has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases in it's years of experience and has the knowledge to get you debt free today. When you are struggling with unmanageable debt, high interest rates, unpaid bills, unexpected expenses and creditor harassment, it can all seem overwhelming. Recovering your financial stability and quality of life is all but impossible without taking steps to change your circumstances.

With the right information and advice provided to you by an honest legal professional at The Brooke Law Firm you have the opportunity to make a decision that will positively impact your finances - and put your concerns at ease. Give yourself a fresh start and clean slate to your financial life today by contacting The Brooke Law Firm. We offer experienced guidance and applicable information, no matter your particular needs or concerns. Our goal is to help you determine the best possible course of action for your unique financial situation.


The first step to financial freedom is scheduling a free initial consultation where you'll meet with the experienced attorney John Brooke. We'll explore every possible avenue to meet your goals and offer workable solutions. The second step when you're ready to get started is to come in to our office in Brightwaters to drop off your paperwork. The final step is to come back one last time to review and sign your paperwork. As soon as you sign the paperwork it is filed with the court.

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